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About Us

After realizing all the benefits that home automation offers in the nautical area, we wanted to transfer our knowledge to dry land. Therefore, we started to offer our work to all types of properties, from small houses to large buildings belonging to hotels. We also have the experience and appropriate equipment to plan and carry out special projects.



Maximum Energy Efficiency


Maximum Energy Efficiency

Having a smart home, business or other type of establishment does not mean that energy consumption will increase. On the contrary, at Multihome we make sure to use systems that allow for high energy efficiency. It is proven that home automation for homes, buildings, offices and more saves energy in heating, appliances, lighting, air conditioning and more. So do not hesitate to contact us to join the energy efficiency.

Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation


Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation

For your home, hotel, store or other building to be comfortable, it is essential that the environment is pleasant. For this, we offer heating and ventilation services, which are characterized by automation, safety and energy efficiency. In addition, we carry out cooling projects in different spaces, always complying with the highest quality standards in the market.

Our Services

Highly Qualified Services

Smart Buildings
We provide comfort, efficiency, and security to homes, offices, and other buildings, with seamless integration for automation and complete control. Learn More
Smart Home
The Loxone solution allows you to automate most tasks related to security, energy efficiency, and well-being in the home. Learn More
Special Projects
The flexibility and versatility of Loxone allow it to adapt to a multitude of different projects. Learn More


What Our Customers Say


We are experts in our field

+24 Years of Home Automation Excellence
+280 Installations
+260 Completed Projects

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